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Episode 4X11 Cabin Fever – Historic Event

Here is a little tidbit of from TV Guide’s Ausiello who misspoke last week about Alpert’s appearance on May 1st. Yes, we knew he meant May 8th and the historic event he mentions, I assume is about Locke’s birth.

What do you all think??

Thanks to Sarah and everyone else for the heads up.

Question: In last week’s Ask Ausiello, you said Nestor Carbonell would be appearing in Locke’s flashback episode of Lost on May 1. Did you mean May 8? — Craig

Ausiello: Sure did! Sorry for any confusion that caused. Let me make it up to you with some scoop: In the same episode — in a flashback scene that perhaps represents the narrative device’s greatest leap in time so far on the series — we’ll bear witness to a historic event that has significant repercussions on “present-day” events on the island.

Source: Ausiello

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Episode 4X10 Something Nice Back Home – More Jack, Kate And Juliet Shipper Fun

Well here is some more shipper news from and a little preview for tonight’s episode.

Thanks to Sarah and Chris for the heads up about Doc Arzt’s post.

I always thought the Jack & Juliet smooch had the heat of two frozen mackerels being pressed together but it looks like tonight’s episode will be the nail in that particular coffin. The love connection that will never be? I wouldn’t go that far, but from what I’ve learned we will find out that Juliet herself thinks the moments were lacking some passion.

“Something Nice Back Home” is a boon for Jaters. I don’t want to spoil the specifics, but the flash sequences offer fans of that pairing more than they could possibly ask for.

Now, I’m not suggesting the future events alone spell doom for the possibility of a Jack and Juliet romantic link up. No, no, no. There is an on island conversation between Juliet and Kate that reveals, in my mind, that Juliet herself knows where Jack’s heart is… whether the cranky doc will admit it or not.

Source: Doc Arzt

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Episode 4X10 Something Nice Back Home – Big Surprise For Jack And Kate

*UPDATED* With link to Kristin’s April Fool’s post and theories

LOST Producers provided us with a little preview of what to expect for tonight’s episode and a part of the preview mentions everyone’s favorite triangle. Ok not everyone’s favorite, but you get the idea. Nothing major, besides them mentioning a “big surprise” for the future of Jack and Kate.

Ok now…let the shipper war begin… :p

Thanks to everyone that sent this in.

10:42 p.m.: Updated again! Hey kiddos, ABC just posted a brief bit from Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse talking about the new ep, “Something Nice Back Home.” Click in for their intriguing tease, and if you haven’t seen them yet, sneak peeks at Thursday’s all-new eps of Lost and Grey’s Anatomy

Here’s what the big Lost bosses have to say about what’s to come in Thursday’s all-new episode, “Something Nice Back Home,” airing at 10 p.m. on ABC!

Carlton Cuse: “Jack gets very sick in this episode and that’s a cause of great concern, because he’s promised to take everybody off the Island, there’s a freighter off the Island, and it looks like they’re going to go home, but it doesn’t help when your leader is basically very sick.”

Damon Lindelof: “And we’ve been playing this big love triangle for the entire show. Kate was most recently with Sawyer, but now we’re going to see her obviously caring for Jack here on the Island and maybe getting a big surprise about what the future has in store for those two.”

Hmmm…what could that surprise be? Because, see, I do have a theory.

Actually, I’ve had this theory for a while now, but I might finally get some more clues about whether or not I’m right in this new ep.

P.S. If you want to play along, my theory is one of the options in the Lost Spoil-o-Rama item from April Fools Day!

Source: E!Online

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Episode 4X10 – Doc Jensen’s Tease

Here is another tidbit for tonight’s Jack episode and it has to do with his father Christian and perhaps us learning tonight why Jack began popping pills.

Thanks to Odul for the heads up.

We begin with some cryptic jasus provided by exec producer Damon Lindelof at the request of the author seeking illumination about tonight’s 10th episode of Lost’s fourth season, ”Something Nice Back Home” — a flash forward affair focusing on Dr. Jack Shepherd, whose Island-present circumstances are currently marked by a squirmy stomach and shameful despair over trusting these freaky freighter folk…

Sayeth Damon: ”Remember after the finale last season when everyone was asking us why Jack was blathering on about his father in what turned out to be our first flash-forward? It was just the booze and pills talking, right? And hey…why did he start taking pills in the first place?”

Sounds like a case of Physician: Heal thyself!

Source: EW

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Odi Lostcast 11 Part 2 – 4X10 Preview And Spoilers Round Up

Hey All,
I know some of you know about this and perhaps have even listened to this already, but for those that do not. I do a weekly podcast where we usually recap the previous episode and also preview the upcoming episode and beyond. Since there are so many spoiler haters we split the podcast up into two segments and the second part is the preview and spoilers round up section.

This week there is nothing new, but it is a good recap of all the spoilers out there for tonight’s episode and beyond.

The podcast is now available on The ODI

Episode 4X10 – Aicn Episode Preview

Here are some more tidbits for tonight’s episode from AICN’s episode preview. Once again just a recap of previous spoilers.

Thanks to Josh for the heads up.

* Kate and Juliet perform an emergency appendectomy. Jack just can’t stop making Kate perform surgical procedures! Is the island trying to kill Jack? Will Kate count to five?

* Lapidus returns to the island and runs into Sawyer’s group. Will we learn that Lapidus is on the freighter and the island simultaneously? Will he have a conversation with himself?

* More flashforwards, again showing Jack’s life away from Dharma Island.

* Jack looks likely to pay an old friend another visit at the Santa Rosa Mental Institute.

* Though ABC doesn’t mention him in the episode’s synopsis, John Terry may again turn up as a not-dead Dr. Christian Shephard.

Source: AICN

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Episode 4X10 Something Nice Back Home – Docarzt’s Spoiler Puzzles

I know there are only a couple of hours left until tonight’s episode airs on the east coast, but DocArzt has decided to use Ausiello style asterix puzzles for a few more spoilers.

Here you go and good luck:

Since I rarely give big spoilers and I know how you guys LOVE Ausiello’s asterix quizzes, I figured I’d break from tradition and spill a few major moments from tonight’s episode, while giving you all something to sleuth over. They are toughies! I’m not about to make it easy, and I won’t verify when somebody gets it right. Enjoy and be sure to post your guesses.

1. **** **** **** ** *e *** ****.
2. ***** ****** *h* **e*** l***’* **o*t..
3. ****’* **** *** *p***** ** *** ************.
4. ***** ***s****** ******* ***** ******.

Source: DocArzt

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Episode 4X11 Cabin Fever – Promos And Screencaps

**UPDATED** 9AM PST – Added Screencaps from ABC Promo, sorry for the delay guys, but I DO have to sleep at some point… 😉

Thanks to Sawyer840 and Stefan for the caps.

*UPDATED* Both Promos now added

Thanks to Luanne for CTV version and Gmello for ABC version.

Also below is a screencap of Horace Goodspeed (dead for 12 years) from the US ABC Promo.

In case the one above does not load:

Henry Ian Cusick – Finale Has Biggest Surprise Yet

Hey All,
I am not sure how I missed this one, but last week (April 25th) LOST star Henry Ian Cusick (Desmond) was online and answered several fan questions via the Washington Post.

Not sure how many spoilers there are, but when I skimmed the article I did read him saying that he has read the finale and that it contains the biggest surprise to date.

It is a long Q&A session, but looks like a great read so check it out:

Woodbridge, Va.: First of all – You are awesome brotha! And dead sexy, too, but now for my serious question, which you may not be able to answer. Did you know when you started on “Lost” that your gig was going to last this long and you were going to become such an important character? Or did your role just develop along the way? You’ve certainly come a long way from pushing buttons in the hatch.

Henry Ian Cusick: Thank you. Nope I didn’t have a clue, but delighted the way it turned out!


Chicago, Ill.: Firstly, I just want to say that you have done an amazing job with the role of Desmond. The emotions and the hardships he has gone through, and yet the calm acceptance with which he handles all of his obstacles makes him such a strong character which we all can’t wait to see more of!

The “Lost” fan community was (and still is) buzzing about the wonderful performances by yourself and Sonya in “The Constant,” and the uniquely true romance between the characters. With the latest episode’s reveal of Ben’s personal vendetta, what do you think will become of Desmond and Penny?

Henry Ian Cusick: I just read the season finale…and I am totally clueless how next season will pan out.

Source: Washington Post

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