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Episode 4X11 Cabin Fever – Historic Event

Here is a little tidbit of from TV Guide’s Ausiello who misspoke last week about Alpert’s appearance on May 1st. Yes, we knew he meant May 8th and the historic event he mentions, I assume is about Locke’s birth.

What do you all think??

Thanks to Sarah and everyone else for the heads up.

Question: In last week’s Ask Ausiello, you said Nestor Carbonell would be appearing in Locke’s flashback episode of Lost on May 1. Did you mean May 8? — Craig

Ausiello: Sure did! Sorry for any confusion that caused. Let me make it up to you with some scoop: In the same episode — in a flashback scene that perhaps represents the narrative device’s greatest leap in time so far on the series — we’ll bear witness to a historic event that has significant repercussions on “present-day” events on the island.

Source: Ausiello

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Episode 4X11 Cabin Fever – Promos And Screencaps

**UPDATED** 9AM PST – Added Screencaps from ABC Promo, sorry for the delay guys, but I DO have to sleep at some point… 😉

Thanks to Sawyer840 and Stefan for the caps.

*UPDATED* Both Promos now added

Thanks to Luanne for CTV version and Gmello for ABC version.

Also below is a screencap of Horace Goodspeed (dead for 12 years) from the US ABC Promo.

In case the one above does not load: