Matthew Fox Snippet On The Finale

Not a huge amount of detail but just a little bit of hype about the finale. This is just a snippet from a longer interview.

Question: With TV shows usually the way that it works as an actor, it’s an open ended storyline where you’re going forward and just discovering what’s happening as you go. With Lost, obviously that’s all changed not only because of the flash forwards, but because it has an end date now. Does that change the way that you’re approaching your work on the show?

Fox: Not really. Not that much. No. You know we’re going to catch up with the flash forwards here in this year and then we’ll be back and it’s going to be really interesting to see how time is structured in season five. But we will have closed those two points – the finale of last year where you had that juxtaposition of him on the island feeling like he’d finally accomplished rescue and this future where he’s desperate and at the pit of despair and feels like he has to go back and we don’t know why and what’s transpired in between. We will have closed that thing and so we will have gotten back into a situation where we’ll be in the present.

Question: How much gets resolved in the finale?

Fox: Huge, huge stuff. We’re shooting pretty much three episodes that are…it’s really like a three-episode finale that we’re shooting simultaneously. It’s huge.

Question: Are there going to be more questions answered?

Fox: There will be huge things answered. Yes.

Source: Full Article @ Dark Horizons