Episode 4X10 Something Nice Back Home – More Jack, Kate And Juliet Shipper Fun

Well here is some more shipper news from and a little preview for tonight’s episode.

Thanks to Sarah and Chris for the heads up about Doc Arzt’s post.

I always thought the Jack & Juliet smooch had the heat of two frozen mackerels being pressed together but it looks like tonight’s episode will be the nail in that particular coffin. The love connection that will never be? I wouldn’t go that far, but from what I’ve learned we will find out that Juliet herself thinks the moments were lacking some passion.

“Something Nice Back Home” is a boon for Jaters. I don’t want to spoil the specifics, but the flash sequences offer fans of that pairing more than they could possibly ask for.

Now, I’m not suggesting the future events alone spell doom for the possibility of a Jack and Juliet romantic link up. No, no, no. There is an on island conversation between Juliet and Kate that reveals, in my mind, that Juliet herself knows where Jack’s heart is… whether the cranky doc will admit it or not.

Source: Doc Arzt

Posted By: ODI