Episode 4X10 – Doc Jensen’s Tease

Here is another tidbit for tonight’s Jack episode and it has to do with his father Christian and perhaps us learning tonight why Jack began popping pills.

Thanks to Odul for the heads up.

We begin with some cryptic jasus provided by exec producer Damon Lindelof at the request of the author seeking illumination about tonight’s 10th episode of Lost’s fourth season, ”Something Nice Back Home” — a flash forward affair focusing on Dr. Jack Shepherd, whose Island-present circumstances are currently marked by a squirmy stomach and shameful despair over trusting these freaky freighter folk…

Sayeth Damon: ”Remember after the finale last season when everyone was asking us why Jack was blathering on about his father in what turned out to be our first flash-forward? It was just the booze and pills talking, right? And hey…why did he start taking pills in the first place?”

Sounds like a case of Physician: Heal thyself!

Source: EW

Posted By: ODI